The BANKA formula

We fully get it, if you thought Banka stood for balls ’n’ karma. (Also true.)
But there’s much more to it.

Introducing The BANKA formula.

A pleasant 5-week journey for all organizations seeking insight driven, out of the box solutions.

Our promise: in 5 weeks, a team of 5 seasoned professionals will develop 5 concrete creative concepts. Click on each week to learn more.

Week 1: Business goals

Be frank about your smart-formulated ambitions.  Begin with the end in mind (Steven Covey). Use your Brain.

Week 2: Analyse

All available data, big and small. And check your focus groups for jaw-dropping eye-opening opinions. 

Week 3: New concepts

Naturally, insight driven creativity. Never give up. Nurture strategy empowered  solutions. Not the unreal ones please. 

Week 4: Key decisions taken

Kindle, meaning ‘to arouse and inspire’.  Killing your darlings. Knowing your nature. Cut the cord, with your head and your heart. Only then, Knighthood awaits. 

Week 5: Activate

Aspire. Action! Accelerate. Always. 

One of the pillars of the BANKA formula is IBM’s model of T-shaped persons. Instead of occupying silos of expertise, teams are cross-functional. You get recombination, variation and, in general, more innovative concepts and better results.

In just 5 weeks, a bespoke team of expert generalists*, in co-creation with the most fit person from the client’s side, will not rest until there’s a set of – at least – 5 concrete concepts, ready to market. This set of concepts can embody anything you desire, for example:

  • an app design,
  • reputation rescue kit,
  • renewed house style,
  • internal comms program and a
  • a CSR initiative 
  • or a podcast format,
  • series of ads,
  • social media campaign,
  • sales event and a
  • customized media training
  • a new pay-off,
  • opt-in media list,
  • company film,
  • signed influential,
  • and a digital marketing campaign

Go ahead: mix and match and take up the glove.

The BANKA formula has a value of 48K + agency fee.
Yet it can be yours this winter for 33,000 euro**

Just drop us a line if you’re interested

* a creative mastermind, a data specialist, a strategist, a project leader and you. 
** our terms & conditions apply.